Email Marketing in Egypt

Email Marketing in Egypt

Through this service you can control your e-mail marketing, as it has the same benefits of the direct marketing that was used before the deployment of the e-mail marketing, as it is fast, affordable and customizable.

E-mail marketing allows you to create HTML emails, edit them and add whatever your customers need.
Anyone can re-use and duplicate the e-mails, as you can easily and quickly create and deploy the marketing campaigns through e-mails. In addition to that, you can also get the contact lists from your database or your Mintox website.

Manage Un-subscribers
People who receive the marketing e-mails can easily choose to stop receiving them, by removing their email addresses from the subscribers list, and you will receive a report about the unsubscribed email addresses.


By the complete 3D pie chart that is provided on all sides of the campaigns, will make it easy to analyze and improve the effectiveness of your marketing.


Statistical Results
We can get the statistical results through the detailed reports that provide the number of the incoming emails, opened emails, opened links and the percentage of the extra loads.


Manage Bounced (Undelivered) Emails
This service can alert you to the undelivered emails, as they will be marked as undelivered to identify the failure delivery reasons.